We are committed to helping somali childre to get an education

Our school

 This is one of the village schools, Gogol primery at Tuulo Barwaaqo village, which we have been following for sometime, and have assisted with school and sports equipment.

From the initial 50 students in 2005, there are now 180 students. Due to lack of classrooms, only two classrooms all made of shrub branches available for the village, the village elders have implemented a kind of three shifts classes of 3 hours each per day, Saturday to Thursday.

If/when given financial help, the village is planning to build 3 additional classrooms of better material, also to be able to offer secondry classes to the graduating children from the primery classes, and in that way, keep the young people in the village.

That secured, the villages will grow economically and prosper.



We help children to get an education

Since the collaps of somali Government in 1991, all national public institutions including schools vanished, and somali children lost all possibilities to attend schools.

Schools, like virtually all other institutions in the country, were looted and destroied. 22 years of civil strife without functioning National Government has made it virtually impossible for children to get any school attendancy worth mentioning.

The DanSomali NGO HORSEED has, since 1998, worked with local partners in Somalia, helped children in the rural villages with a variety of school equipment, books, uniforms and, from time to time, volontary teachers from abroad.


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Latest News


Extraordinary group meeting.

The coordinating group for Horseed programs in Somalia held an extraordinary meeting at Copenhagen, to discuss the 2016 plans for the organization.
Proposals regarding on going cooperation with the turkish NGO, Time to help, have been presented. These proposals focus on, contacting Copenhagen schools, collecting donated school and hospital equipment etc.



Mehmet from Time to Help, Dualeh and Idil from Horseed held a coordinating meeting at Time to Help office, and took contact to 6 Copenhagen schools for the school project in Somalia.


Hospital equipments & school equipments Donated by the Turkish NGO Time To Help delivered

Hospital equipment comprising of 22000 uniforms of different colour and sizes, neonatal clothings, wheel chairs and other items, all donated by Turkish private schools, individuals and the turkish NGO Time-To-Help have been distributed to two Mogadishu hospitals and the hospital of Dayniile.

School equipment is underway to South central Somalia and will be distributed to two schools in two selected villages.